Editorial Calendar


山西新11选5 Editorial Calendar

  • SPRING: Medical Design
    In print, April 山西新11选5

    Guest Editor: Tor Alden, IDSA
    Deep dive into the complicated and interconnected ecosystem that is our healthcare system and how desigers are adapting to a rapidly changing medical device design landscape.
  • SUMMER: Design For __________
    In print, July 山西新11选5

    International Design Conference Preview and IDSA Ambassador Showcase
  • FALL: 山西新11选5 Yearbook of Design Excellence
    In print, October 山西新11选5

    Profiles of the 山西新11选5 International Design Excellence Awards winners and featured finalists
  • WINTER: The Design Education Issue
    In print, December 山西新11选5

    Guest Editor: Announced soon
    In depth look at the current state and future needs of industrial design education. Also profiles of the 山西新11选5 IDSA Student Merit Awards the winners and finalists.

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