MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Russ Henning, IDSA Shares Instructions for Making Origami Masks

Apr 13 山西新11选5 - 11:10am


During this uneasy time of living with and working through the global COVID-19 pandemic, leveraging our connections and unique skills as industrial designers to help others has become all the more important. 

’s Product Development Group and Chair of  for making an origami-style mask and joining Open Medical's .






Says Henning, "The design community has exploded with 3D-printed masks and other ways to help bolster the need for these essential pieces of safety. Good job everyone! I am proud of what we have accomplished so far.

Recognizing that substantial need necessitates substantial participation, my boss (Paramit founder and CEO Billoo Rataul) and I started our own mask program. Following a tip from the CEO of , I adapted their origami mask design to be produced on our design firm’s laser cutter. 

Here’s how you can help too: Whether you laser-cut or cut by hand, it is easy to make a cheap and effective mask. Follow  to download the template and view the instruction video. Then spread the word!"

Visit IDSA's COVID-19 Updates & Resources page for the latest information from our Society. For tips on how to design from 山西新11选5, visit IDSA's new Remote Designing Resource Center.